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My name is Sarah and this is my blog. I began blogging on and off in the very early days of LiveJournal. I have had many blogs on WordPress.com and an array of self-hosted ones using WordPress.org. I used to dream of making a living off of blogging, but two things have since happened to poke a hole in that dream. #1 I don’t update or write enough. That’s a big one. And #2, today it is quite rare to truly monetize your blog. It was probably a whole lot easier in the days of Dooce.

I dream of being able to write more, but I have this horrible mix of writer’s block and self doubt. While most people who blog curate the shit out of what they post, I sit down, say what’s on my mind, proofread it once if that and then hit publish. i.e., why I am outspoken and candid. Writing comes to me in sparks which can be few and far between. So, why blog in the first place? Habit. And I like starting them. Picking the name, the theme, customizations, etc.

Besides blogging, I love my two dogs: Thai and Oscar. I love reading books, blogs, independent news articles, and sometimes an occasional glossy magazine. I love photography and theatre. I plan to grow up to be a Scenic Designer. I love listening to full albums instead of just single tracks. My favorite genre of music is rock followed by indie. When I am not in front of my computer, I can be found reading a book or catching some street photos.